Announcing the soft launch of the Dash Incubator App

18 Nov 2020 - Andy Freer

Hi all!

I’d like to announce the soft launch of the Dash Incubator App.

Dash Incubator lets anyone earn Dash by completing Bounties created in the App.

Get rewarded for Creating Concepts, Writing Specifications, working on Projects, Services or Jobs, and QA’ing other people’s work.

Everything is incentivized and everything is public, there’s no company or private organization behind it and all decision making and operations are transparent. You can read more about the App in our Rules.

It’s funded by a series of Dash blockchain-proposals, the latest one went up today. If you’re a Masternode operator then please vote!

This is our first version and there’s tons to do, but we’re working hard to improve things, please stay tuned!

Enjoy & Thanks!

Andy Freer

Dash Developer